Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat

Separation-related behaviour

Separation-related behaviour problems in dogs are categorised as unwanted behaviour that only occurs when the dog is separated from his/her owner.

Find a clinical animal behaviourist

Pets can develop a range of behaviour problems, such as aggression, destructiveness, inappropriate toileting, self-mutilation, inappropriate vocal behaviour, nervousness, and phobias.

Toilet training a dog

If you’re toilet training an adult dog that hasn’t been trained properly before, the stages will be the same, however it may take longer.

Establishing a good relationship

We all enjoy spending time with our dogs, but problems can arise if dogs become too dependent on human attention and get it 'on tap' when they’re with us.

Dog behaviour

The way a dog behaves depends on the dog's age, breed (or type), personality and past experiences. Make sure your dog is able to behave normally.